What is Squats ?

        What does Squat do ?  This a well-known beneficial compound exercise. It is a very good lower body exercise which helps to strengthen the glutes, hamstring complex, and also improves core strength, too. Doing a squat has multiple benefits like weight loss, good body posture and it also helps to avoid torn and pulled muscles.

Squatting is the most effective way to increase leg muscle strength. If you want to work out multiple muscles in a short amount of time, squats are preferred. 

Squatting also strengthens the buttocks and front of the thighs in particular. The feel can be changed by changing the position of the weights, the depth of the squat, the position and width of the feet, or the direction of squatting. 

The Cable Squat

What is a Cable machine?

    There are different types of machines available in the gym, but for back and lower body exercise cable machine is the best.  In cable machines, weights are connected to cables via a set of pulleys. You have to train your body by moving the cables around, while they stay under constant tension against the attached weights so that your muscles are also under constant tension during an exercise. However, there are two weight blocks, connected to two cables, with space in between for you to stand and do exercise. Two outer pulleys or ropes can be adjustable so that the cable attachments can be fixed at different heights.

How to do Cable Squats?

Cable Squats

    Cable Squat is one of the simplest and most effective exercises for women and starters to the gyms who want to get their body parts in shape. 

      1. Cable machine consists of two handles which are connected to a pulley system and a weight stack or weight plates.
     2. So to do cable squat, stand with your feet pointed straight ahead and placed shoulder-width apart.
     3. Hold cables on the sides of your body.  Start with a slow squat, bending your knees, and keeping your feet straight. 
     4. Keep your chest up, backbone straight, contract your glutes, and press through your heels as you return to the starting position.

Benefits of Squats

      Cable Squat is one of the simplest and most effective exercises for women and starters to the gyms who want to get their body parts in shape. The Cable Squats are useful for the training of below parts of the body/muscles.

  • Buttocks
  • The backside of thighs i.e Hamstrings
  • The front side of the things ie. Quadriceps
  • Abductor ie. Groin
  • Calves
  • Lumber
  • You can use the cable squat as an extra exercise to improve your barbell squat.
  • The cable squats are less stressful on your lower back as compared to the Barbell squat. If you suffer from lower back pain then you can use the cable squat as your primary quad-dominant exercise instead of the barbell squat.
Benefits of Squats